Do you remember the smell of fields? Do you miss lying on the lawn on a sunny day? Do you want to feel the sweet awakening of nature around you?

We want to go back to the origins, as it once was.

For that reason dott. solari cosmetics laboratories gave birth to Olea Green, to offer three products with natural origin ingredients, containing oils from organic farming and obtained from cold pressing. In full respect of environment.

We have taken care of every detail: from formulas to packaging. Bottles are made of 100% recycled PET. We use recycled paper for the packaging and the brochures and biodegradable labels. Recycled and recyclable materials.

eco friendly

Formulas respectful of the hair and the environment.

The products are also not tested on animals. Finally, a funny call to food with our take-away kit and the “menu dolce” as the menu of a restaurant, the vegan ok and gluten-free formulas.

Imagine country, fields, breathe that scent of peace and well-being that floods over you. Now you can go back to the origins, you can re-immerse yourself into nature.

With Olea Green, the GreenRevolution.


Hemp: from Nature with all its Energy

Hemp is native of Central Asia and its use can be traced back to an era prior to 1000 BC. Its therapeutic properties seem to have been known since antiquity, from India, China, the Middle East and Southeast Asia people. Hemp is now being rediscovered: its use in cosmetic amplifies its potential, giving benefits at its best on the body that receives it.

la ricetta perfetta

Difficulty: low
Preparation: a few minutes for your beauty
Doses: for one person
Effect: wow!

Ingredients: Shampoo dolce, Crema dolce, Olio dolce

Instructions: to ensure your hair the right level of nourishment and hydration, use shampoo and cream even daily.
Use the oil once a week as a pre-shampoo treatment and leave for 5/10 minutes to reach the best level of nourishment.
Use Olio Dolce as a pre-hairset and as a finishing gesture even every day. Remember to distribute it on lengths and ends avoiding the roots.

Suggestions: to help especially those who have hair that tend to the ‘frizzy effect’ or have electrified hair, apply a few drops of oil even after drying and after hair-set.