Olea products with Baobab oil, Argan oil and Linseed Oil are born from dott.solari cosmetics laboratories to fight dehydration and weakness of the hair giving new strength and shine.
The Olea line is formulated with precious and certified origin ingredients. Olea is dedicated to all those who want to take care of hair naturally.


Linseeds have always been known for their excellent emollient properties. They give brightness and shine and fight frizzy hair, leaving it soft and easy to comb. Thanks to the high content of minerals, proteins and lipids linseeds are small precious pearls of health.

The Baobab oil comes from the warm regions of Africa and is extracted from the seeds of the fruit that grows on the homonymous tree, called the Tree of Life. Miraculous oil, ally of beauty, is rich in amino acids, fatty acids and vitamins. Fights hair loss and weakness, and is particularly suitable for brittle hair that tends to break. Baobab oil has indeed a great revitalizing and restructuring action. It also protects the hair from air pollution.

Rich in active principles as Vitamin A and F, linoleic acid, Omega 3, Omega 6 the Argan oil moisturizes and reinforces hair. It is particularly indicated for weak, dull and dry hair.

Ideal for all hair types, especially treated and damaged hair Fights frizzy hair providing silkiness and shine Restructuring, revitalizing and soothing effect.

immagine olea semi di lino
immagine olea olio baobab