LOVE ME COLOR COLORING CREAM: many reason to love it!

  • 79 vibrating shades
  • Perfect gray hair coverage
  • Long lasting intense color
  • Active principles of last generation
  • Innovative technology
  • Extreme softness
  • Beautiful hair to the touch
  • Nourishment and hydration
  • Guaranteed safety
  • Easy application

Color and lighten with extraordinary pleasure 3 tones with bases colors, 4-5 tones with superlighteners colors and 5-6 tones with ultrablond.

KERATIN + MFP FACTOR. Coloring cream with low ammonia content, allergen and paraben free. It’s formula is enriched with keratin and MFP factor that return to hair the elements lost during the coloring treatment.

KERATIN. The keratin constitutes 96% of hair and plays the important role of “cement”, giving strength and making hair waterproof to prevent aging and weakening with the passage of time.

MFP FACTOR. Love me color COLOURING CREAM contains the patented molecule Mirustyle MFP, an innovative natural polymer derived from corn which has exceptional anti-frizz properties reducing electrostatic charges. Hair will be strong and shiny, perfectly hydrated and easy to comb.


  • 6 shades for fantastic blond
  • up to 8 clarifying tones
  • specific products for blond hair
  • Extreme shine
  • Stop unwanted reflections
  • Stop color changes
  • Total respect for hair

DIRECT COLORING AMMONIA – FREE 3in1. Color, softness and shine in one simple action

ARGAN OIL. This precious oil – extracted from the fruits of Argania Spinosa which only grows in the South of Marocco – has been used from millennia as beauty elixir. It is a precious element rich in unsaturated acids and vitamin E that moisturizes, nourishes and protects hair.

FRUIT ACIDS. The best allies for beauty hair comes from Nature! Acids fruits help the cells renewal and makes optimal the cuticle state. Hair will appear smoother and brighter and even combing will improve.


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Power Decolor 8

Blonde everywhere

Decolorant Blue decolor

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Love me color

Coluring cream

Love me color


Love me color

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