A true natural cuddle of beauty for intense and lasting reflexes

Olea Color is the new color without Ammonia with Balanced Pigment System (SBP). Delicate and reliable, it guarantees coverage, intensity of reflection and uniformity. With Baobab Oil and Monoi, Olea color is a complete wellness treatment, a natural and sweet touch for the hair.

A true natural cuddle of beauty for intense and lasting reflexes.

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Olea color dye

Permanent hair color with delicate oxidation characterized by a soft and creamy texture, rich in organic origin ingredients coming from distant lands: Baobab Oil and Monoi. Sweet formulation without ammonia, without paraphenylenediamine and without resorcinol, 43 nuances that can be mixed together.

Olea color guarantees coverage of white hair and intense and long-lasting reflections. It is pleasant to apply, comfortable on the skin, does not exhale and does not irritate.
A complete wellness treatment for the hair, with a natural touch. A real cuddle of beauty.


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The premixed formula of Olea color allows obtaining the desired shade and coverage without the use of the base in the coloring mixture.

The Balanced Pigment System (SBP) ensures the colorist the possibility of stoichiometric mixing of the nuances, to obtain infinite shades of color with vibrant and luminous results.

The advanced formulation technology of Olea Color creates a perfect distribution of the coloring pigments inside the hair fiber, avoiding overlapping areas.


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OLEA Color ingredienti baobab

Baobab Oil

The Baobab oil comes from the warm regions of Africa and is extracted from the seeds of the fruit that grows on the homonymous tree, called the Tree of Life.

Miraculous oil, ally of beauty, is rich in amino acids, fatty acids and vitamins. Fights hair loss and weakness, and is particularly suitable for brittle hair that tends to break.

Baobab oil has indeed a great revitalizing and restructuring action. It also protects the hair from air pollution.

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Originally from Tahiti, it is obtained through the union of two natural components, the flowers of gardenia taitiana (Gardenia Tahitensis) – which give the ointment the typical exotic notes – and the coconut oil base, cold-pressed from the pulp of coconut left to dry in the sun.

Monoi oil is a source of health and beauty for the hair, restoring balance and repairing damage caused by atmospheric agents, by the sun and sea water.

The Monoi oil has remarkable moisturizing properties, fundamental for the health of the hair: the presence of lauric acid in coconut oil in fact favors the regeneration of the capillary fibers.

Olea color greca


Fashionista tips

To follow the new fashion must-haves, have fun creating endless shades with the fantasy tones!
You can choose:

Olive Tree
Intense Pink
French Lillac

Champagne or try the brand new and super trendy Titanium color, alone or mixed with all the Olea Color nuances.

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The counter-current color


Prince of colors
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A world in pink!


Precious reflections
capelli champagne

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