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R-Power – Restorative lamellar treatment

Brilliance, Softness, Hydration
Professional use only

The R-Power restorative lamellar treatment is a combination of glycol, treating agents and highly concentrated hyaluronic acid. The light liquid, water not water, when in contact with hair humidity it activates and creates a light emulsion. The treating agents bind instantly to the hair, rebuilding the hair fiber in the most damaged areas. It makes the hair more shiny, soft, hydrated and at the same time restructured. It is suitable for all hair types, in particular the most damaged by chemicals, stressed or dull. Regenerating and illuminating, the result is a light and flowing hair with a silky effect.

Directions for use: apply to washed and towel-dried hair from 20 to 40 ml of product (depending on the length of the hair) evenly distribute – thanks to the use of the trichological nozzle – on the tips and lengths strand by strand. Massage to emulsify and comb to facilitate penetration, then rinse without exposure time. Towel dry and proceed with styling.

The lamellar technology

The innovative formula with lamellar technology of Rigena lifting R-power is based on ultra light molecules randomly dispersed in a mixture of glycols. In contact with the water contained in the washed and towel-dried hair, these molecules place in a lamellar structure covering hair and reconstructing it, with a specific action on the most damaged areas.

For a brilliance and softness effect, and in depth the hair will appear filled and regenerated. The hair will have a healthy appearance, easy to comb, soft and light. Rigena lifting R-power lamellar treatment can be used after shampooing before styling for a quick action at the shampoo or can be integrated into professional Rigena lifting treatments.

Package: 16.90 fl.oz.